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Choosing Your Hired Gun

Scales of Justice

For many people, being charged with a criminal offense is a horrific experience. You may not know your rights and what the officers are doing that is permissible and impermissible under the law. Having an experienced attorney who is proficient in the state and federal systems is good, but having an experienced attorney in the state and federal system who understands all the dynamics, has an effective methodology and litigation skills is better. Having full faith in the chosen counsel is key, especially when you’re not just a number or a dollar sign,like big firms or certain law groups. A solo or small firm will give you the attention that you want and deserve during this trying time. So choose wisely. Meet the attorney, the staff, and talk about your case. Get a feeling on them before hiring. It will make a difference in your case, process and outcome. Most importantly it will ease your tensions and worries about the entire process.