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How Much Info Do You Tell Your Lawyer?

To Tell or Not to Tell? The truth may set your free, but hiding the truth will trap you completely.

If you ever require the use of an attorney, what information do you divulge and how much information do you tell your lawyer?
Simply put, all of it! Your attorney cannot properly represent you if you are not forthcoming with all the information, you lie about the facts of the case, or omit any information regarding your case. Generally, your attorney cannot disclose any confidential information that you provide. So be honest and open with your attorney; as he or she is bound by law, ethics, and professionalism to keep all information pertaining to your case confidential.

Every specific “fact” of your case is significant. Even small pieces that may not seem relevant to you, may be crucial to your attorney. The attorney can represent you to the best of his or her ability and knowledge, if you have told them everything about the case. So, keep the information flowing and keep updating your attorney with any changes or events that occur throughout the duration of your case. To have the best representation your attorney must have all the information pertaining to your case, including information that may seem detrimental and embarrassing. Do not hold back thinking that if you do not relay the information, then it will not be discovered. It will be discovered; and, more importantly, you do not want it to be discovered in the middle of your case when it is too late to do anything about it. So, do yourself a favor and tell your attorney everything. You have more to lose if you do not. The truth may set your free, but hiding the truth will trap you completely.