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When It's Time for Divorce

So, you found the love of your life.

Magic and sparks fly. The stars seem brighter. The mornings seem easier to rise, even without the morning cup of joe. This person is your counterpart. Every day that passes you know that you want this feeling to be forever. A month’s salary is nothing compared to the love you have for your partner. The question is asked, your partner jumps to you, and cloud nine is fathoms below you.

With all good things, time passes, and the once super shiny partner is starting to lose their luster.

Kids come along. Bills. Responsibilities. Everything is routine, nothing more than ants marching.

Before you know it, the person you had fireworks for has now sought out comfort into another’s bedroom.

Everything is in turmoil. What was once up, is now down.

You’re trying to reconcile the marriage. Trying to recover the spark that was once there, but buried by the mound of ashes from your partner’s actions. Nothing seems to be working – yet something has to be done.

No one wants to admit defeat and stop the marriage. Sometimes, it takes a very strong and courageous person to move on from the life that once was filled with sparks and fireworks and wade through the ashes.

Divorce is hard. It’s hard on partners. It’s hard on kids. It’s hard on friends and family. Everyone questions reality and seeks stability.

Navigating through these times is something that some can do on their own, but many require the help of a skilled professional.

At The Zickerman Law Office, we are here to help in your time of need with the personal understanding about the fireworks to the ashes, and guiding you through the legal process that you now must endure to make it through the pit of despair. The path is challenging, but you will come out better on the other side – especially with the help of the office.

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