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Recognizing the Overlooked Frontline Workers

Unspoken Frontline Heroes of COVID-19

Many of us see the stories in the evening news, morning paper, or online throughout the day about the horrors that medical professionals are dealing with on a daily basis due to COVID-19. It’s true: They are heroes in their own right treating those people who are deathly ill.

However, there are unsung heroes, the men and women who are working in the background, protecting rights of those who are facing eviction, financial harm, or criminal accusations. At first thought, these attorneys may not seem as heroic as those in the medical field, but when you take a deeper look into their work, you will discover their critical role to the community.

Legal professionals, like those in the medical field, are risking their lives to protect the accused from life-changing circumstances.

Taking a Deeper Look at the Overlooked Heroes in the Legal Field

Whether it’s something as meaningless as stealing an extra cookie out of the jar or something serious like committing assault and battery, we have all been accused of something that we did not do. No one is perfect: We all make mistakes.

When someone is charged with a crime or accused of something they did not do, the men and women who defend the accused get involved immediately and do everything in their power to safeguard people from injustice, even during COVID-19. They defend against anyone trying to utilize the Constitution or the Bill of Rights against the accused, while affirming their client’s rights to life, liberty and property.

COVID-19 in the Courtroom

Most of these men and women are not given protective clothing, masks, gloves, or any assurance that their health is not at risk when advocating on their client’s behalf in the courtroom. Yet, these lawyers continue to work the frontlines by going to court, jail and meeting those who are in dire need of legal help.

Attorneys could be defending a client who cannot work because they are sick or have lost their employment due to COVID-19. These heroes stand by their clients (literally and figuratively) to demand justice and defend them. Even further, these men and women fearlessly meet the scared 18-year-old client who’s in jail for the first time during a period where jails are notorious breeding grounds for COVID-19.

These men and women are unsung heroes. They should not be overlooked by the public eye, but rather praised for their actions. Let’s not forget that lawyers are also protecting people from danger, but simply in a different manner and for different reasons.

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